PELERIN provides counselling and assistance to improve the plants operation, to ensure repair works and renovation of the existing equipment.


Wear parts

The quality of our wear parts is a major asset for our equipment.

Our parts are designed to provide maximum performances with extended life cycles.

  • Blade support hubs and mixer blades
  • Hub with hard faced rolls
  • Crusher equipped with binding
  • Complete rotating unit


Spare parts

All spare parts delivered by Pelerin comply with the original equipment. :

  • Shafts / sprockets
  • Geared motors
  • Pulleys / belts
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.

Advantages :

Thanks to a digital design of spare parts, we are in a position to determine the optimal profile of each piece.

  • Parts hard facing with maximum hardness
  • Short lead time for parts in stock
  •  Improvement in the equipment operation and service life.