PELERIN machines range

PELERIN offers a complete range of equipment with a capacity of 5 to 100 t/hour for raw materials processing and products manufacturing.

DR & RR disintegrator with bars

The disintegrator is used to break small lumps from the quarry.

Advantages :
  • Metallic box equipped with 4 regulating steel tension rods transferring the stress

  • Small roll fitted with hard steel bars coated with tungsten carbide



Lump breakers - EM / RM

The lump breaker EM / RM, equipped with clods turning-over system, is used to shred clays lumps from the quarry.

Advantages :
  • Metallic box containing two crushing rolls equipped with wheels placed side by side

  • Interchangeable blades made of tungsten carbide coated steel.






Steel apron feeder - TVR

The horizontal steel apron feeder, receives and apportions the clays from the quarry.

Advantages :
  • Apron made of stiff rib steel sheet blades with an overlapping system ensuring a perfect tightness.

  • Chipper equipped with standalone hollow-shaft reducer and belt drive transmission



Rubber-belt box feeder - DBC

The rubber belt box feeder collects and apportions fine grading clays.

Advantages :
  • Thick rubber belt for a long lifetime

  • Smooth apportioning and tightness ensured by rubber sealing strips maintained by ribbed steel sheet blades



Shaft mixers - Mixers - MM

The double-shaft horizontal mixer is used to mix and humidify clays.

Advantages :
  • Cast steel counter rotating shafts

  • One-piece paddle carrier to ease the assembly (no screw) and without clay entrapment area

  • Moistening device made of a humidifying ramp



2 raw materials storage solutions with bucket excavators

Pit excavator :

The bridge bucket excavator is used for clays storage and ageing.

Advantages :


  • Double-̴girder travelling crane supporting the excavator’s rolling rails, the gateway and the reclaiming rubber belt conveyor.

  • Forced emptying of the excavator’s buckets performed by a scrapper fitting the internal shape of the bucket, equipped with an interchangeable steel blade




Side excavator :

The bucket excavator used sideways to allow clay reclaiming.

Advantages :
  • Ladder lifting by mechanical jack or hydraulic actuator according to the power.

  • Steel buckets, with stiffening belt and hard steel blades

  • Automatic lubrication of chain rollers axis.




Roller mills - R / rectification tools - ROC

The grinding mill equipped with counter rotating crushing rolls grinds raw materials by slabbing them.

Advantages :
  • Largely dimensioned shafts turning on double row roller bearings

  • Crushing rolls equipped with rolled shell of chilled cast iron with nickel-chrome molybdenum

  • Steel or manganese pneumatic scrappers to clean the rolls

  • Motorized adjustment of the roller shells spacing

  • As an option : hydraulic safety device made up of 2 crushing rolls and one accumulator

  • Removable grinding bench with ceramic tool.



The extrusion unit is made up of 2 equipment:

  • A horizontal box feeder
  • A mixer equipped with a vacuum unit.

The design of Pelerin steel extrusion unit offers a high mechanical strength as well as a high thrust capacity that allow the processing of hard materials.

Advantages :

Placing the horizontal box feeder and the mixer at the same level makes the operations easier

Realy easy maintenance with:

  • Easily accessible bodies such as the deaeration grids
  • Concrete wear liners
  • Two-piece blade supports and crushing rolls
  • Two-piece mechanical housing and removable traps.

Limited space requirement and civil works.